IT GUYS offers Onsite computer repair and support services for small to medium size businesses and residences in Sydney and surrounding areas. By placing our it support engineers in your office on a regular basis, we are able to understand your challenges and opportunities the moment they arise. We'll provide instant support and work ongoing IT issues so your systems are up an running at all times. Sometimes the problem can't be fixed remotely so we will dispatch one of our engineers on site in matter of hours to fix the problem.


We offer many options for you to back up your computer or server environments, whether they're small or large, physical or virtual. We know how critical your business information and applications are and work with you to create a plan for every disaster scenario. We deploy automated backup solutions to minimize your management overhead and conduct proactive monitoring of backup operations and availability. By taking this approach, we are employing layers of protection to ensure you're covered in any situation.


Many companies have severs in their office. Maintaining a server environment on site vitally important. We ensure that servers are protected form unexpected power disruptions, redundancy as well protected, and backed-up on a regular basis. We leverage innovative management software to quickly and seamlessly perform these tasks, making sure everything from e-mail to critical business applications run smoothly. This server management is just another part of our ongoing monthly IT services and support.


IT GUYS offers remote support services for any issues which can be addressed in this manner. Very often we are able to solve our client's problems by remotely logging into their computers and addressing the issue without necessitating an onsite visit. Of course there are some things that need to be addressed on-site and IT GUYS are able to do so with Instant Response. The remote support service allows us to pass on the savings to our clients, by reducing our travel costs and time.


IT GUYS are capable to recover deleted or lost data safely, quickly, and afordably. Data loss does not have to be permanent and data recovery does not have to be unafordable. Call us today and see just how hassle free data recovery can be.


we specialize in helping small- and medium-sized businesses like yours develop their unique IT security plan. We work with you to find a balance between cost, productivity and security. We take basic steps to ensure that you're effectively protecting yourself and your business, such as purchasing and deploying a firewall, virus scanner, and anti-SPAM solution. Even these basics investments require choices, and we help you make the right ones.


We provide a wide range of network support services. We work with you to ensure your wireless/wired network connection is an effective tool for providing your employees, partners and customers with more flexible access to data. We give you the ability to move around and access your data anytime you need comfortably from your home or while you travel. We show you how your servers interact, set up Windows Active Directory, DNS and DHCP, and make sure your network is available through VPN. We help you determine which hardware and service options best meet your security, bandwidth and budget requirements, explaining your security options with different setups, helping you choose hardware with the right specs and ensuring that all of your laptops and mobile devices are connected.


Whether it's a Blackberry, iPhone or Android, everyone's using a smartphone for work and for play. These devices have made a huge leap forward in both ease-of-use and functionality. But with all these choices, many have questions about whether they've selected the right type of solution to meet their professional and personal needs, and if they've deployed the right type of infrastructure to support their phone.


If your want to keep your home, family or business safe, we can help to set you up with the right surveillance equipment with focus on the most efficient solution and keep the costs down at the same time.